Rathi Media

I'll increase your email & SMS revenue by at least 25% in 30 days

If I can't do it, I'll paypal you $300 for wasting your time

How it works

Identify Opportunities

We identify areas of opportunity in your email marketing account.

Build a Gameplan

We build an initial gameplan to capitalize on the areas of opportunity.

Create & Implement Flows

We create & implement flows targeting each stage in the customer journey.

Build a Campaign Calendar

Together, we build a campaign calendar centered on personalization and relationship building.

Manage, Test and Optimize

We manage, test, and optimize your account to ensure it's reaching and exceeding potential

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What people are saying

Natalie Knoll - Bird & Knoll

2x more revenue from email

38% of revenue generated from email

Kiku - Shaz & Kiks

Louis Pearson - OLY Clothing

315% in monthly recurring revenue from email

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